VIDEO: Bombardarea orasului Dresda – uciderea voita a unui numar cat mai mare de civili la finalul unui razboi pe care germanii deja il pierdusera …

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Iata si comentariul fratelui petrupetru postat la articolulVideo: BOMBARDAREA HAMBURGULUI – OPERATIUNEA GOMORA. 45 000 de civili ucisi intr-o furtuna de foc:

Un fragment din aceasta postare se refera la un alt oras German, bombardat de “aliati”, cu consecinte si mai catastrofale:

“In mid-February 1945, when W. Churchill ordered the bombardment of Dresden (municipality with 1.2 million, including the war refugees living there), a place with no strategic importance and declared an open-city, more than 500,000 people were killed in one day; a number of 700,000 phosphorus bombed were dropped producing this disaster; it is interesting to know how the international propaganda used this event; a documentary from the 1950’s, about the destruction of Jews during the WW2, showed piles of corpses from this atrocious offensive against Dresden in 13-14 February 1945, as of their own; when this documentary was in Dresden theatres, the inhabitants of this city…

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