PhD, Steven Jones Still Lying About Tritium and Thermite

Ed Ward, MD's Blog: US Tyranny & Treason

Professor, Steven E Jones, PhD, Still Lying About Tritium and Thermite



Update 5-18-14: 9 Months Later, Dr. Steven  Jones, PhD, Still Hiding; Caught Lying

While researching, this posting by Jones on 8-4-13 was noted:

“In this short list of those using ad hominem attacks to hurt others must be Ed Ward, who accused me of lying about tritium traces (in waters associated with the collapsed WTC) when I have in fact told him and others that the observations (1092 units of tritium, see below) could be readily explained through the presence of tritium-back-lighted signs in the buildings. Instead of doing experiments to check this out, he accuses me of lying:

Dr. Steven Jones and Dr. Judy Wood Lie About ‘Traces of Tritium’ and Neutron Nukes….
When 20 = High Normal, How Does 1,092 = Traces? – Ed Ward in link quoted by LesliePOV

– by means of tritium-back-lighting in signs…

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